Nagano Diamond Sharpening Starter Package


The blue and red plates represent the yard of sharpening. This set is the first product to get to start diamond sharpening. 

Frank’s Signature Diamond plates are simply the best diamond sharpening products on the market and the most durable. The high quality diamond is positioned on dies to ensure uniformity of the surface and therefore optimal and consistent results for sharpening.

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The diamond plates of Frank’s signature are a revolution in the world of skating. The ultra-efficient and durable stones are made of exclusive diamond plates from Nagano Skate. This way they ensure precision sharpening of optimum quality with consistent results. You do not need water or sharpening oil during sharpening. Moreover, these stones do not require maintenance. A simple dry cloth is enough to clean the stones.

The double diamond plates from Nagano always have diamonds in different coarseness on both sides. This makes sharpening your skates even faster in comparison with the use of other sharpening stones on the market. These diamond plates also have the advantage that they are light, stay flat and are unbreakable.

When choosing your desired stone, please consider the roughness of the stone. The larger the number, the softer the stone. Note that the sharpening stone and de-burring plate can only be bought in the following combination:

– Sharpening stone: Blue (400) & Red (600) – same idea as ordinary sharpening stones like Zandstra Foss. Here you have the blue to roughly grind and the red side to fine grind
– be-burring plate: Blue (400) & Red (600) 

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