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About Sebra Sports

Sebra Sports as producer
Sebra Sports is supplier and producer of several cutresistant skinsuits and accessoiries for the shorttrack and marathon speedskating market. Since the foundation in 1998 Sebra Sports has been constantly been busy with solving questions in the areas of safety and sports, mainly concentrated on the speedskating market. Our goal is to develop better products with better safety, comfort and performance level. The Dyneema(r) fibres currently used have a great cutresistant performance with an awesome 2 sided stretch.

Sebra Sports as distributor
Sebra Sports works as distributor for the following brands:
– Bont Shorttrack
– Evo Shorttrack
– Base360
– Twin Rocker Machine
– Pennington Speedskates

Sebra Sports als dealer
Sebra Sports is the biggest shorttrack dealer in Europe. We have all major brands respresented in our productrange. Everything for shorttrack speedskating is available. We not only offer products to consumers but we also have everything for clubs available. Think of trackmarkers, helmcaps, boarding padding and club wear.

Sebra Sports works as dealer for the following brands:
– Sebra
– Norton
– Zandstra Sport
– Twin Rocker Machines
– CadoMotus
– Base360
– Knocky Skate
– Sobike Cycling Wear
– Marchese Racing
– Pennington

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