Viking Sapphire Blades


Viking Sapphire blade. Is the newest viking clap blade. It will be the first laser welded blade of viking. Viking use a very strong steel for the tube withe a strength of 1000N/mm2. The blade will even like the Viking Nanoflex has a ball bearing pivot and double coil springs. The Sapphire has a black, symmetric bridge of 7000 aluminium and a bi metal pm 66 hrc. The Viking Sapphire blade is very stiff, steers perfectly and skates very tight!



Viking Sapphire Blades

  • Under Frame: Sapphire
  • Material of the tube: AHSS hage tensile steel 1000N/mm2
  • Thickness of the tube: 0,75 mm
  • Material of the skating steel: PM bi-metal
  • Thickness of the skating steel: 1.1 mm
  • Hardness: 59/ 60 HRC
  • Attachment of the skating steel: Double laser welded
  • After treatment: Sharpening
  • Finishing: Wet varnish
  • Color: Blue bridge: black
  • Height: 41mm
  • Sizes: 34 to 47
  • Bracket: Black Nagano Bracket 
  • Clap system: ball bearings in the bridge, bridge outside, blade inside
  • Dampins system: new Viking Silencer integrate damper (no sticking and less sound)
  • Springs: double coil springs available in three tensile strengths
  • Bridge: symmetric bridge from 7000 aluminium
  • Tube dimensions: 12mm high, 15mm wide, flange 8mm

Stay bend technology:

Because of the high tensile strengt and the double laser weld, the bend will stay longer.

Positions Securing System:

In site the front mounting nut is a small securing screw, for hold the nut into position.

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