Bont R2 ST boot


Bont R2 ST boot



  • Base: 100% hand laid carbon composite
  • Outer skin: Matte microfiber
  • Liner: Microfiber
  • Innersole: Suede-like
  • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
  • Padding: High density memory foam
  • Closing options: Waxed laces, lace cover and two velcro strap
  • Fit options: Standard
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Mount: 165mm


The Bont short track R Series 2 or R2 is a hand made carbon composite boot made with Bont’s famous one-piece construction method. The boot is made by hand from the inside out with every layer bonding or sewn to the layer under it. The boot fits like a glove and offers high-end performance at an entry-level price. Bonts’ unique pressure wrap system that removes more excess resin than any other carbon lay-up technique.

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