Luigino Edge 1500 Shorttrack Boot


Luigino Edge 1500 Shorttrack Boot

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Elite level Race Shor Track boot beautifully crafted by Luigino! This boot can also work as an inline speed skate boot utilising a 3 x100mm wheel set up that has a 165mm mounting.



Luigino Edge 1500 Shorttrack Boot

  • 100% Carbon fibre shell for high strength-to-weight properties. 
  • Anatomically shaped boot employs BFT(barefoot technology). 
  • Micro Fiber Lining, equipped with smooth inside lining to ensure a perfect fit without bumps. 
  • Engineered ‘stiffness to power’ through the No-Flex sole. High-Density Padding. 
  • Heat mouldable with oven or aqua-tech process for a perfect fitting boot. 
  • Double velcro strapping system. 
  • Zippered Lace cover. 165mm/6.5″

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