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Sebra Sports

Sebra Sports is specialised in skating products for shorttrack speedskating and longtrack speedkating on competition level. Non-competition speed skaters can enjoy the extensive product collection, excellent quality, professional advice, service and sharp prices. 

Shorttrack Speedskating

Sebra Sports is a European leading shorttrack specialist with an extensive collection of shorttrack skates, shorttrack shoes, shorttrack blades, cut resistant skate apparel and skating accessories like skating helmets and everything you need on sharpening skates. We have well known brands such as Bont, EVO, Viking, Cado Motus, Pennington, Marchese, Twinrocker, Staybent, DMT, Sebra, Foss and Zandstra. 

Longtrack Speedskating

Sebra Sports also has an extensive collection longtrack skates, longtrack blades, longtrack shoes and cut resistant apparel for marathon and mass-start. With well known brands like Bont, EVO, Marchese en Cado Motus.

Cut resistant apparel

Since 1998 Sebra Sports produces cut resistant apparel for the speed skating market. Our goal is to develop better products with better safety, comfort and performance level. In our collection we have cut resistant skate suits, cut resistant gloves, cut resistant ankle guards, cut resistant neck guards and cut resistant knee/shin guards from Sebra, Base360, Viking en Apogee.

Inline skating

For training in summer off-season, Sebra Sports has a brought collection of inline skates, inline shoes, inline wheels, inline frames and inline accessories.